Chiropractic Care in Virginia

The Mission of Tuck Chiropractic Clinic is to make a positive impact on every life we touch.

Our Vision is simple, to make a significant impact on as many lives as possible. We see this consisting of four essential components: impacting the patients we treat, the staff and doctors we employ, the profession in which we work and the communities we serve.

Impacting the patients we treat:
Our vision is to set a standard of excellence in the treatment of spinal conditions through chiropractic. This allows our patients to receive the highest quality care in a patient focused environment.

The staff and doctors we employ:
Our vision is to develop a highly productive work environment while simultaneously encouraging the personal and professional growth of all doctors and staff members.

The profession in which we work:
Our vision is to advance the profession of chiropractic by:

  • Solidifying chiropractic as a legitimate and successful option for the treatment of spinal conditions through successful patient outcomes.
  • Developing a progressive work model that draws quality staff and doctors to our organization.
  • Encouraging doctors to participate in professional organizations and with educational institutions to create pathways to the future.

The communities we serve:
Our vision is to give back to the communities of southwest Virginia who have given to us for over twenty years by:

  • Donating money at a grass roots level focusing on education such as libraries, local school needs and scholarship funds, and public services including social, police, rescue, and fire organizations.
  • Becoming involved in various communities in which we live and most importantly in our patients' lives.