Chiropractic Care in Virginia


The Mission of Tuck Chiropractic Clinic is to make a positive impact on every life we touch.

Our Vision is simple, to make a significant impact on as many lives as possible. We see this consisting of four essential components: impacting the patients we treat, the staff and doctors we employ, the profession in which we work and the communities we serve.

Impacting the patients we treat:
Our vision is to set a standard of excellence in the treatment of spinal conditions through chiropractic. This allows our patients to receive the highest quality care in a patient focused environment.

The staff and doctors we employ:
Our vision is to develop a highly productive work environment while simultaneously encouraging the personal and professional growth of all doctors and staff members.

The profession in which we work:
Our vision is to advance the profession of chiropractic by:

  • Solidifying chiropractic as a legitimate and successful option for the treatment of spinal conditions through successful patient outcomes.
  • Developing a progressive work model that draws quality staff and doctors to our organization.
  • Encouraging doctors to participate in professional organizations and with educational institutions to create pathways to the future.

The communities we serve:
Our vision is to give back to the communities of southwest Virginia who have given to us for over twenty years by:

  • Donating money at a grass roots level focusing on education such as libraries, local school needs and scholarship funds, and public services including social, police, rescue, and fire organizations.
  • Becoming involved in various communities in which we live and most importantly in our patients' lives.
Tuck Chiropractic Clinic was opened in Pulaski in September of 1979 by Dr. Nathan Tuck with the help of his wife Barbara. As the clinic grew, Dr. Tuck had the opportunity to acquire the Galax office from the Bowie family in 1982. Dr. Robert Bowie had practiced in Galax since 1928 as a leader in the community and in the chiropractic profession. Although he desired to continue seeing patients, Dr. Bowie had to discontinue seeing patients in 1981 due to his health. 
After treating patients in both practices for several years, Dr. Tuck, Sr. opened a new practice in Fairlawn in 1990. Tuck Chiropractic quickly grew from there opening the Christiansburg office in 1993, Blacksburg office in 1998, and Hillsville office in 2001.

In 1997, Dr. N. Ray Tuck, Jr., a graduate of National Chiropractic College (the same as his father), joined Tuck Chiropractic with the opening of the Blacksburg office. In 2002, Dr. Tuck, Jr., purchased the Blacksburg and Christiansburg offices from his father. In 2005, Dr. Tuck, Sr., suffered a severe stroke. After six months of intensive rehab, he died due to complications from the stroke. During the rehab process, Dr. Tuck, Jr., took over the day to day operations of his father's clinics ultimately buying them from his mother.

In 2007, Dr. Michael Becker, long time friend to both Tucks and a practicing chiropractor in Roanoke, decided to retire. Dr. Becker contacted Dr. Tuck, Jr. concerning his offices in Roanoke and Rocky Mount. In June of 2007, the Becker Clinics became a part of Tuck Chiropractic.

In the spring of 2009, the Cave Spring office was opened.  The following year the Vinton location was added.  In that same year, two practices merged with Tuck Chiropractic.  These were located in Bedford, Dr. A.J. LaBarbera, and in Christiansburg, Dr. Tom Dickerson. 
Thanks to a business model based on BEST PRACTICES in clinical procedures and business, Tuck Chiropractic continues to grow and create leaders within its organization.