Patient Testimonials

Dr. Rathmann is very caring and understanding of the patient’s needs/concerns.  Her personal communications when I first started with her made me very confident in my choice. 
Christine Lovrine
I have found the entire staff to be open, friendly and welcoming.  My back is much better and I do feel that Dr. Matthis has helped relieve the pain.
Amelia M. Walton
Dr. A.J. is a wonderful, personable, caring practitioner. He goes out of his way to explain the situation, the probable cause and the course of therapy, as well as the mechanics of therapy and how it works.
Georgia Chapman
I love the treatment I’ve received at Tuck Chiropractic.  Dr. Skinner is great I feel welcome as soon as I walk in the door!
Stefanie Webber
I can truthfully say that from my first visit, I found relief, and each visit from then to now has brought me total relief.
Dorothy Sullivan
I have referred my husband and my youngest daughter, a gymnast, to Dr. Marry for chiropractic care.   I would recommend Dr. Marry and Tuck Chiropractic to anyone struggling with injury and pain.
Patti Williams

Not only are you treated with top notch care. There are no strangers there at Tuck Clinic. You are all treated like family from day one with a very friendly staff. That in itself makes it all worth while.
- Bill Ferrell