Chiropractic Services in Virginia

Tuck Chiropractic utilizes multiple services to allow them to effectively treat their patients. The conditions most often seen in the offices are:

    •    Low back pain, with and without leg, knee, and foot pain
    •    Neck pain, with and without arm and hand pain
    •    Headaches, with and without neck pain

    •    Sciatica

State of the art procedures are used to accomplish our patient’s goals. These include, but are not limited to:

    •    Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy
    •    Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    •    Ultrasound
    •    Traction
    •    Active Rehabilitation Procedures
    •    Kinesiotaping 
(where available)
    •    Infrared Laser (where available)
    •    Acupuncture and Electrical Acupuncture (where available)

In addition, our doctors work with other local physicians and hospitals for appropriate testing and referrals, when necessary.