What to expect on your initial visit

Step 1: Detailed Consultation.
A consultation is probably the most important part of finding out what is exactly going on with your problem. Many times, a doctor will not emphasize this enough! We take great pride in the fact we sit down with our patients to find out all the detailed information surrounding your condition so we can make an accurate assessment of what is going on.

Step 2: Examination.
A physical exam is the next step. Your posture will be analyzed, a thorough evaluation of your range of motion will take place, pertinent orthopedic, neurologic, and chiropractic tests will be conducted.

Step 3: Radiographic study, if indicated
X-rays of your spine in the neutral position from the front and side. This will give us a chance to evaluate the disc spaces of your spine as well as the surrounding joints and anatomy. This will also help us assess if you have any degeneration and if so, how much.

Step 4: Diagnosis
Establishing a working diagnosis and a plan of action with the goal of relieving pain, restoring function, and achieving lasting results. This may include a referral to another medical specialist for further evaluation and/or treatment if necessary.

What you should expect after your initial visit to our office?

Providing you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care, (because remember, if you are not, we will refer you to where you need to be) we will sit down with you and review our findings and recommended action plan.If you choose to receive care in our office, we will start at that time.

After you have completed the outlined treatment plan given to you, an exit exam will be performed to insure that you have responded to our treatment and you will be released from the initial phase of your care.